Simplified awards management process.

SmartAwards is here to support you from the beginning until the end of your awards cycle. Award organisers have centralised control over the awards process. Managing your entries submissions and managing the online judging is now worry free, as each task will be accomplished as scheduled.

online awards management cycle

Easy Viewing, Tracking and Filtering

Filter submissions by categories, status, submission date or company name. Flexibility in entry submission and assessment. Users can easily track and monitor progress of their work, be it in submissions, assessments or management.

Single Dashboard

Access and view entries from a single dashboard. Dynamic graphs and charts give an instant overview of the submission status. Managing and evaluating awards becomes much easier with the simplified awards process.

Custom Branding

We will customize your awards platform to suit your awards brand. Users can identify with your company since you will have the look and feel of your own style and your identity. The design style will also match the company's brand.

Bulk E-mail Notification

Has a built in email template that allows for flexibility in managing email contents and for ready-made contact management enables the user to send an email to an individual or a group.

Sponsorship Value

Award sponsors value visibility throughout the award cycle. Since partnerships are also important, they are prioritized in the awards pages. Sponsor logos can be linked to their website.

Smart Support

A feedback and help section is available for users that may need support. Users may post their queries and concerns via the smart support facility.