online awards management
online awards management
online awards management

Smart platform integration.

SmartAwards is an easy to use software solution service that transform the standard awards management in your business environment. An award solution software that makes submissions fast and easy, with a smarter way to conduct grants, judging and awards management.

easy to use online awards management


Designed to satisfy user's requirements in terms of interactions on a different types of platform and allows users to manage their tasks accordingly with less efforts and complexities. Basic, clear and user friendly designs that simplify workflow process of your awards system.

Flexible online awards management


Judges enjoys scoring and evaluations on their most convenient time and place. With automated calculations based on a pre-defined awards criterias and formulas, judges can now focused well on evaluations and are hassle free to review and rescore submissions.

powerful online awards management


Tracking and monitoring of awards submissions provides more compact information and presented visually. Automated, visual and dynamic reports can be generated instantly. Culling, ranking and other admin task are now effortless.

cost effective online awards management


Online awards systems actually reduces cost and saves a great amount of time on all parties involved. Multidimensional complexities of tasks involve in facilitating an award is now simplified, goals are achieved and optimized awards resources.

secured online awards management


Online security is our main concern for our users, we make sure all information are safe and secured. The system is built with high security standards and is designed with an online privacy protocol.